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Overview of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Founded on May 1, 1947, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the first minority ethnic autonomous region founded in China. It covers a total area of 1,183,000 sq. km., ranking as the third largest region in China. With a total population of 24.71 million, among which 4.23 million of them are Mongolians, it administrates 3 Mongol leagues, 9 cities and 101 counties (including banners, county-level cities and districts). Inner Mongolia is rich in natural recourses, with its forests, grasslands and per capita arable land area ranking the first in the country. The proved reserves of 31 mineral resources rank top three in China, among which, more than ten kinds of the resources reserves including coal, rare earth and wind energy rank the first. Inner Mongolia enjoys a unique location by crossing ‘Three Northern Areas’ in China (namely Northwest, North China and Northeast), neighboring two foreign countries, connecting eight domestic provinces and closing to Beijing and Tianjin, so it has very important strategic position for that it is the important barrier for ecology and the safety and stability in north of China. In 2010, the GDP and the deposit balance in all financial institutions of the region have all exceeded 1 trillion yuan, reaching 1,165.5 billion yuan and 1,027.9 billion yuan respectively. The general budgetary revenue of local governments and the profits of scale industries and enterprises have all achieved above hundred billion yuan. The per capita disposable income of urban residents reaches 17,698 yuan, and the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen achieves 5,530 yuan. Through 10 years of rapid development in the new century, Inner Mongolia has realized historical transition from agriculture and livestock husbandry oriented to industry oriented economic structure. Currently, we are marching forward  to the next decade to fully promote the scientific development and follow the road of enriching the people and making the region strong.

Regulations of “Grassland Talent” Project of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Pilot Version)

Those policies and regulations are grounded on the realities of situation, aiming to strengthen the human resource strategy, promote the development of the Autonomous Region with top-level talents, and make sure the successful implementation of the “Grassland Talent” Project.

1、Principles and requirements

  (1)The principles of the “Grassland Talent” Project are “Service the development, Engage Talents, Position Talents, Restitute the system, Explore High Talents and Equalize the Over Instigation”.

  (2)Attract top-level talents according to the needs in industrial upgrading, technological innovation, key disciplines and social development, focus on project setting-up, program research and talent cultivation.

2、Selection Criteria

  (3)Abide by Chinese Law & Regulations, have good professional ethics and working skills; Be in good health;

  (4)Those who are selected from outside the Autonomous Region must hold Doctor’s Degree or equivalent and be less than 55 years old (such restriction does not apply to academician and those setting up business in China). The candidates should work continually in the Autonomous Region for above 5 years under employment contract, or continually in the Autonomous Region for above 5 years (at least 3 months each year) under agreement.

Those who are selected from the Autonomous Region should hold at least Master Degree or equivalent and be less than 55 years old (such restriction does not apply to academician and those setting up business in China).

  (5)Category One:

    Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) or equivalents from overseas (foreigners)

    Category Two:

    1 Candidates of Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)

    2   The winner of State Science and Technology Prizes and National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China; Chief Scientist of “863”or “973”Programs; Distinguished Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program; Chief Scientist of National modern agriculture industry technology system; Top-level talents of National Key Disciplines and National Key Laboratories and Research Centers.

    3 Members of “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and other Talents Programs organized by Propaganda Department of the CPC, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Category Three:

    1 Those who are awarded special government allowance from the State Council; Candidates of Program for New Century Excellent Talents by the State Education Commission

    2   The winner of Provincial awards for science or Philosophy and Sociology of Science; young and middle-aged experts with provincially outstanding accomplishments; Top-level talents of Provincial Key Disciplines and Provincial Key Laboratories and Research Centers

    3 Returned overseas Chinese talents awarded international research prizes

    4 Those who keep the Independent Intellectual Property or core technology; or bring investment to the Autonomous Region; executive business management talents who have rich experience in large and medium-sized enterprises; inter-disciplinary talents who have wide experience in attracting investment

    5 Candidates of “321”or “111”programs of the Autonomous Region; the winner of Youth and Middle-aged Technology Innovation Awards

    6 Other Chinese or overseas talents who are most-needed in key industries and projects

3、Once you are selected, you will be entitled the following allowance:

  (6)Those are selected can be assigned as appointed civil servants or get staffing of Public Institution;

  (7)House of certain area (170m2 or 150m2);

  (8)Benefits to family members (such as education for children)

  (9)Opportunities of promotion which are authorized by the Autonomous Region

  (10)Priorities of law procedure to those bring hi-tech projects;

  (11)Supporting funds for business or project setting-up;

  (12)Support for participating key projects; Encouragement of starting business;

  (13)Opportunities for studying or research in famous overseas institutes

  (14)Administration authority to those are selected in charge of key projects

  (15)Opportunities to participate the policy research and project planning for the Autonomous Region

  (16)Advantage of income distributions

  (17)Patent fully support and protection;

  (18)Benefits for transferring scientific research achievement;

  (19)Tax reduction and exemption

  (20)Favorable policies from the government of the Autonomous Region

  (21)5-10% of funds can be awarded to those are selected in key projects of the Autonomous Region

  (22)Social insurance and commercial insurance

4、Fund Guarantee

  (23)The supply channel is mainly categorized by the government, employers and social support, which is diversification investment mechanism.

  (24)Establish special funds for “Grassland Talents” Program; listed in financial budget of the Autonomous Region and dominated by the human resource office. Each area and employer should have special funds for “Grassland Talents” Program.

  (25)Main Channels of supporting funds:

    1   Based on the special funds arranged according to the 2010 financial budget, take 50% from the incremental capital of nest 5 years for cultivation of talents

    2 Additional 5% expenditure for utility of cultivation of talents in departments and units

    3 Make sure no less than 2% of key-project funds used to talent cultivation

    4 2% of business benefits after tax should be put in the special funds for “Grassland Talents” program each year.

  (26)Other channels of supporting funds:

    1 Those are eligible for Category One in (5)  will be financed by same-level department

    2 Those are eligible for Category Two or Three in (5) will be financed from the special funds of the “Grassland Talents” program

    3 Awards to outstanding team will be provided by the special funds of the “Grassland Talents” program

  (27)Social investment supports are welcome to funds of “Grassland Talents” Program


  (28)Establish “Grassland Talents” Committee

  (29)Dynamic management system; Annual evaluation to those are selected in “Grassland Talents”

  (30)Rewards system for areas, employers and individuals with outstanding performance

  (31)Human resource office and related unites of The Autonomous Region are in charge in daily coordinative works

  (32)Detailed rules for the implementation of this policy can be specialized by local departments and employers, which should be reported to the Human resource office

  (33)The Organization Department of the Party Committee and the local Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security are responsible for the interpretation of those policies and regulations.





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