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Food & Drink

  • Brief Intro to Hohhot Dining

    Brief Intro to Hohhot Dining Hohhot, being a capital city, has a range of restaurants that specialize in all of the different types of food from around China and the...... Read More>>
  • Hohhot Local Food

    Hohhot Local Food All-Fish Banquet (Quan Yu Yan) ȫ Roasted Lamb (Kao Quan Yang) ȫ Roasted Mutton Leg (Kao Yang Tui) Mongolian Hotpot (Shuan Yang Rou)...... Read More>>
  • Hohhot Snacks

    Hohhot Snacks Oat Flour (You Mian) ݯ Cheese (Nai Lao) Butter (Huang You) Sour Milk/Yogurt (Suan Nai) Milky Beancurd (Nai Dou Fu) ̶ Mare’...... Read More>>
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