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  1.    The confirmation letter and invitation of retaining economic foreign expert
  2.    The institution in charge of foreign expert certificate and procedures
  3.    Notice About Administration of Foreign Expert Certificate Issued by SAFEA
  4.    How can I find “everything I need to know but was afraid to ask” about living and working in China?
  5.    What about taking children abroad?
  6.    I'm not a native English speaker. Can I teach English in China?
  7.    What about taking children to China?
  8.    Will there be opportunities to learn or improve my Mandarin Chinese during the teaching program?
  9.    Will I be able to live on a RMB 2000 monthly salary? How much do I need to spend in China?
  10.    What are the advantages of teaching and learning in China?
  11.    How about the teaching time in China?
  12.    What kinds of outdoor sports are available in Beijing?
  13.    What vaccinations will I need for my trip to China?
  14.    What is the best time to travel to China?
  15.    What is Chinese laws on drugs, alcohol and prescription medicine?
  16.    Will there be a job description?
  17.    How can Chinajob.com help me find a job?
  18.    Laws and regulations governing foreigners in China?
  19.    What precautions need to be taken against endemic diseases?
  20.    Who is Chinajob.com?
  21.    Can I live on 500 dollars a month in China?
  22.    Why teaching in China?
  23.    What about school systems in China?
  24.    Social Information Related to Foreign Experts
  25.    What is a Foreign Expert Card?
  26.    What is the public transportation system like?
  27.    Laws and regulations governing foreigners in China?
  28.    Chinese laws on drugs, alcohol and prescription medicine.
  29.    What are all the different kinds of visas in China?
  30.    Dentists, eye care, heaving aids etc.?
  31.    What about water and food quality?
  32.    What precautions need to be taken against endemic diseases?
  33.    Do employers offer free meals?
  34.    What about laundry and dry cleaning facilities?
  35.    Are living accommodations convenient to the workplace?
  36.    Are special additional certifications required? Do I need to present them for a teaching positio
  37.    Is registration or certifications as a teacher necessay? Does it cost anything?
  38.    What non-teaching duties are expected?
  39.    What guide sets salary standards for foreign teacher or expert?
  40.    What is the school, college and institution calendar?
  41.    Is home leave granted, paid or unpaid, and is it with or without travel expenses?
  42.    Who pay for overweight baggage?
  43.    Will there be a job description?
  44.    Is the cost of international round-trip air fare included in the contract?
  45.    When will salary be paid? In what currency? What is official exchange rate?
  46.    What about accident, health and hospital insurance.
  47.    Do I need a physical exam?
  48.    What about sick leave pay maternity leave and pay?
  49.    Can I bring my funiture?
  50.    Do I have to pay Taxes?
  51.    Do I need an HIV test?
  52.    Do employers supply living accommodations? What is supplied?
  53.    Can I live on my salary? (Living in China page)
  54.    Who is Chinajob.com?
  55.    How can Chinajob.com help me find a job?
  56.    How do I get a visa, work permit and travel permission to work in China? (Consulate in your country)
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