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        What guide sets salary standards for foreign teacher or expert?

Following are the guides as stated by the Chinese government:

*Category 1: RMB 2,200 – 3,300 – teachers having a bachelor's degree and over two years of work experience, or middle school teachers with over three years of teaching experience.

*Category 2: RMB 3,300 – 4,600 – assistant professors or lecturers of institutions of higher education, or middle school teachers with over five years of teaching experience, and professionals with corresponding titles and business levels.

*Category 3: RMB 4,600 – 6,000 – professors, associate professors of institutions of higher education, senior lecturers of the Commonwealth countries, and professionals with corresponding titles and business levels.

*Crucial talents badly needed in China and difficult to recruit may be employed with high salary.

NOTE: There are the established guidelines and allow room for negotiation. In reality, many schools will offer higher salaries to entice the foreign teacher. However, a higher salary from a school often means more contracted teaching hours or other specified duties.

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